Říkadla a písničky

Rhymes, rhymes, rhymes….

Two Little Birds rhyme:

This is a rhyme that can be used with children of all ages.
These are the words and actions:
Two little birds, sitting in a tree – [hold up a finger from each hand]
My name’s Lucy. [bend one finger as if it’s talking]
My name’s Lee. [bend the other finger as if it’s talking]
Hello, Lucy. [address the first finger]
Hello, Lee. [address the second finger]
Goodbye, Lucy. [put the hand of the first finger behind your back]
Goodbye, Lee. [put the hand of the second finger behind your back]

Jump! Clap! action chant:

This is a sheet of helpful language. Use it to help you do the activities with your child.

Make the actions into a sort of dance as you and your child join in with this. Teach one verse at a time.